As Calumet County Administrator, I have had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Tenerelli over the past four years in her role as Calumet County Corporation Counsel.  During this time, Kimberly has excelled in her role and has provided strong, dependable leadership as part of the county management team.  Kimberly not only possesses the experience and skills needed, she has a strong work ethic and is a person of integrity and principles, making her very well qualified for the position of Circuit Court Judge, Branch II.

Todd Romenesko,

Calumet County Administrator

Calumet County Board Supervisors - 

Alice Conners, Board Chairperson

Merlin Gentz, Vice Chairperson

Mary Schwalenberg, second Vice Chairperson

Judith Hartl

Hope Karst

Tom Stoffel

Joe Mueller

Mike Hofberger

Bill Barribeau

Marilyn Schuh

Ed Kleckner

Retired Calumet County Sheriffs -

     Mark Ott

     Ted Pagel

     Oscar Beilke

Dave Funkhouser

Kevin Hietpas

Harrison Village President

Beth Hauser,

Calumet County Clerk 

Tim Styka

Kirk Schend


Fire Chief Mike Funk

As Calumet County Treasurer, I've had the privilege of working with Kimberly.  Kimberly possesses the knowledge to guide myself and other Calumet County employees through the legal process, with fairness and ethics to treat all the same.  She takes the time to educate myself and others regarding the rationale of the process.  Kimberly has been a great asset to Calumet County staff and residents throughout her ongoing tenure as Corporation Counsel.  She would make an even greater impact to all of the citizens of Calumet County as elected Circuit Court II Branch Judge.

Mike Schlaak, 

Calumet County Treasurer

Honorable Dale L. English,

Fond du Lac Circuit Court Judge

I had the privilege of working closely with Kimberly Tenerelli on numerous complex criminal cases when she served as an assistant district attorney in Fond du Lac County.  During those interactions, I witnessed first-hand her compassion for crime victims, thorough understanding of complex legal issues, and strong desire to hold criminals accountable for their actions.  I am confident Attorney Tenerelli would maintain those same traits, and support her run for Calumet County Judge – Branch II.

Ryan F. Waldschmidt

Sheriff, Fond du Lac County

From years of working together I know Kimberly Tenerelli to be an ethical and conscientious advocate. She always demonstrated an exceptional commitment to cases. 


Kimberly wants to be a judge for all the right reasons. She has the legal skills, temperament and empathy to make an outstanding judge--she has my unqualified support and I hope she'll have yours.


Tom Storm,

former Fond du Lac County District Attorney and

Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General

Attorney Dan Kaminsky,

former Fond du Lac County District Attorney

Amanda Skorr

Lisa Jodar

As a retired Circuit Court Judge who served on the bench for 22 years, I endorse Atty. Kimberly Tenerelli for Judge. Having known Atty. Tenerelli for 14+ years, I know she has the necessary legal skills, courtroom experience, high moral and ethical standards, work ethic, and judicial demeanor to solve problems and administer justice as a Judge.
John R. Storck, Reserve Circuit Court Judge.
With Kimberly's depth in experience and variety in practice, she would serve the residents of Calumet County well as their next judge.  She has handled criminal matters as an assistant district attorney, civil matters including guardianships, protective placements, and mental health commitments as Corporation Counsel for Calumet County, and understands the needs of the community in her current role as Corporation Counsel.  Her experience in many practice areas of law will serve her fully as well as those who have cases before her as judge in Calumet County.
Attorney Meggin McNamara
Having worked with Attorney Kimberly Tenerelli for many years while she was an adjunct professor in our Criminal Justice program at Marian University, I know she is hardworking, ethical, and intelligent; while her knowledge of the legal system is immense, her dedication to justice is noteworthy.   
Michelle E. Majewski, PsyD

Kimberly A. Tenerelli


Calumet County

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