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Hi, I'm Kimberly


I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  I grew up in a small town just north of the Illinois border, Twin Lakes.  My mom and dad were both laborers and unfortunately are no longer with me.  My parents were my role models for the work ethic I have today.

Prior to law school, I married Keith and with his two daughters, Stephanie and Ally, we made a happy family.  Ten years later we had two daughters, Emma and Grace.  FOUR girls!  We have been happily married for over 24 years.


After attending UW-Madison Law School, we moved to Hartford and I began my legal career.  Currently we have a residence in New Holstein.    


I started my legal career as an Assistant District Attorney in Outagamie County prosecuting domestic violence crimes.  In addition to my prosecution duties, I worked on a team with other domestic violence professionals from law enforcement to victim advocates.  

From Outagamie County I went to the Fond du Lac County District Attorney's Office.  There I worked on all types of cases from traffic to homicide cases.  I received the "Those Who Care" award for my work with Domestic Violence cases.  I worked closely with judges, victims, defense attorneys, probation agents, social workers, and others to prosecute cases to the best of my ability.  I ultimately became the Deputy District Attorney.  Prior to leaving the Fond du Lac office, my caseload was focused on Children in Need of Protection and Services (CHIPS) cases and Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) cases.  These cases were some of the most difficult cases I had faced but the most rewarding - whether it be with kiddos who were reunited with their parents because their parents worked out their issues; or kiddos who were ultimately adopted in their forever homes

For over 10 years, I also taught various legal classes at Marian University.  I started out in the classroom and ultimately went to teaching online classes - both creating and teaching them.  It was a great experience working with traditional and adult learners.  Teaching classes also helped me be a better attorney, constantly reinforcing my legal knowledge. 

Currently, I am the Calumet County Corporation Counsel.  This position represents the County in all types of matters.  These include Mental Health Commitments - Chapter 51 Emergency Protection cases, keeping those most vulnerable safe and connected with services.   I represent the County in Guardianship and Protective Placement cases.  These cases involve ensuring individuals - young and older, are cared for by others that have their interests at heart.  In addition, I am continuing to handled CHIPS and TPR cases for the County.  Lastly, I handle a variety of other legal issues for the County.  I assist in developing policy, review contracts, and advise staff, administration and the Board on legal matters.  I have been involved in a number of committees and groups representing the legal interests of the County.

For the past four years, I have been at the Calumet County Courthouse, every work day, working for the best interests of Calumet County, and loving every minute of it.  

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One goal, one passion - Justice

As a judge, I believe that everyone should be treated fairly, equitably, and respectfully.  A judge should provide Justice for All, not just for some.  Justice, not just when it is easy but also when it can be difficult.  A person should be given their day in court when sought.  I believe a judge should always, always be ethical and apply the law as written. 

I have lived my life with these beliefs - treat people fairly, equitably, and respectfully regardless of their role - victims, defendants, adversary counsel, judges, probation agents, committee members, staff, Board members, and all others I have come in contact with in my various positions.


I would not run for this position if I did not think I was the most qualified or didn't have the most to offer this position.

I will work tirelessly as Branch II Judge in Calumet County

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    What does my past say about myself....


Criminal & juvenile delinquency cases prosecuted

felony & misdemeanors -

 does not include all my traffic cases


Years of Legal Experience

16 years - Wisconsin prosecutor

5+ years - Calumet County Corporation Counsel (Attorney for the County)


Civil cases handled

Types of cases - CHIPS, TPR, Chld Support, in rem, guardianships, protective placements, civil cases on behalf of the County


10+ years taught at Marian University

Subjects included criminal & juvenile undergraduate courses and Master's level criminal justice courses


Kimberly A. Tenerelli


Calumet County

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